Dear friends,
I would like to express my upmost gratitude to all my wonderful loyal customers, my incredible staff, and to my family who has given me their love and support. After 15 years of being open, I have chosen to sell CeGees Drive-In to begin a new chapter in my life. These past several years have proven to be an incredible journey! I have seen families come in with their children and now those children were bringing their own kids to visit. Your patronage has been very much appreciated and your support over the course of the years has been so wonderful. Also, I’ve had the pleasure of having the most wonderful, hard working staff that any boss could ever wish for. I appreciate every single person who has worked with me and you will all be warmly remembered. Words cannot express how humbled I am to have started with a dream and see it fulfilled because of the support of the community. I truly can’t articulate the proper words to correctly express what I feel and I don’t have enough time to share the many stories that I have experienced! However, after choosing to leave on my own terms, I wish all the luck and success to the new owner. May he have as much love and support that everyone has shown me!
Much gratitude and love,
Christopher E Greth

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